Karst Underwater Research

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Karst Underwater Research
Registered Non-profit 501(c)(3)organization
Founded 1996
Headquarters Dade City, Florida, USA
Key people
Brett Hemphill, Director & President
Andrew Pitkin, Director
Michael Poucher,Director
Jeff Petersen, Director
Slogan "Reconnaissance, Exploration, Survey, Sampling"
Website www.karstunderwaterresearch.org

Karst Underwater Research (KUR) Mission Statement - Karst Underwater Research is a 501(c)(3) which is dedicated to the preservation and protection of Karst aquifers and the quality of their water by conducting relevant scientific research and documentation of Karst aquifer surface features and corresponding underwater caverns and conduits. KUR has been most noted in their exploration of Weeki Wachee Springs Twin Dees Phantom Springs Eagles Nest Cave Florida Coastal Springs Research

Weeki Wachee - Twin Dees Exploration Project[edit]

In 2007 KUR team found that Weeki Wachee Springs is the deepest naturally formed spring in the United States at a depth of 407 feet.

From May 22 until August 30, 2007, the discharge level at Weeki Wachee spring dropped to a level that allowed for cave divers to gain effective entry into the cave system at the spring. The KUR team successfully executed exploration dives and the necessary in-water decompression to explore approximately 6,700 feet in multiple passages at an average depth of 265 Feet Fresh Water (ffw) with a maximum depth of 407 ffw.[1][2]


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