Kartsakhi Lake

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Lake Kartsakhi
Georgian: კარწახის ტბა
Location GeorgiaTurkey border
Coordinates 41°12′54″N 43°13′16″E / 41.21500°N 43.22111°E / 41.21500; 43.22111Coordinates: 41°12′54″N 43°13′16″E / 41.21500°N 43.22111°E / 41.21500; 43.22111
Surface elevation 1,800 metres (5,906 ft)

Kartsakhi Lake (Georgian: კარწახის ტბა [karts'akhis tba] also Lake Khozapini Georgian: ხოზაფინის ტბა [khozap'inis tba]) is a lake of Samtskhe-Javakheti, southern Georgia, lying on the Turkish border. It is the second largest lake in the country, covering an area of 26.3 or 26.6 square kilometres at an altitude of 1799 m.[1][2] An important bird habitat, it holds one of the largest populations of Eurasian Eagle-owl in the country, with the Dalmatian Pelican and Great White Pelican. [3] The village of Kartsakhi lies near its northeastern bank.


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