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Karunamoyee Housing Estate (Bengali করুনাময়ী হাউসিং এস্টেট) is a housing estate located in Bidhannagar, Kolkata, constructed in two phases for higher-, middle- and lower-middle-class people who wished to settle in the newly established new town of Bidhannagar (Salt Lake). It is Asia's second largest housing estate.

Karunamoyee consists of several "blocks", which are groups of apartment buildings having the same floorplan. Phase I, constructed in the seventies, consists of blocks A through D; Phase II, constructed in the eighties, consists of blocks E, F, G, H, K, L and M with Sourv Abason in ED Block, Salt Lake, under Ward no.15.

Karunamoyee crossing, located to the north of the housing estate, has become an important transport hub because of the proximity of International Bus Centre(to Bangladesh), several government and municipal office buildings, as well as Kolkata's nascent IT industry centred in Bidhannagar's "Sector V".

Karunamoyee Housing complex is having a library at E-Block " Brindaban Smriti Pathagar " established in the year 1984 by Mr. Satya Brata Nag, a retired Central Govt Officer on his own effort. As on date (April 2013) this library is having a huge collection of Books related to mainly Bengali Literature. It has a large field, named Karunamoyee Krirangan.There are Durga puja Pandals which Karunamoyee is famous for.It is supposedly the safest place in Kolkata with the lowest crime rate . To begin with the roads are pretty clean with clean drains as well.Mosquitoes are hardly found.it is provided with a huge playground called Karunamoyee Krirangan Math.It is the most hygienic place in Kolkata to live in. Most of the buildings in Karunamoyee Housing Estate have undergone extension as per the approval of Bidhannagar Municipality. As a result all types of apartments are now having more living space. Lots of employees of Sector V live in this complex either as paying guests or just by renting apartments.