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Kary Osmond - Kary Lyndsey Osmond (born October 18, 1979 in Mississauga, Ontario) is a Canadian-based celebrity cook. Kary became a household name in 2009 when she was selected as the host of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s daytime cooking show, Best Recipes Ever.

Growing up in a family that loves to cook and eat, Kary caught the culinary bug early on and was her mother’s little helper in their family-owned Ukrainian deli.[1] The family moved on to their next culinary venture and opened a successful catering company. Operating out of their home’s basement, Kary was never to be found far from the action and loved helping to roll meatballs, cut bread and even wrap the veggie and fruit platters.

Kary’s first official cooking class was in Grade seven where she conquered her first recipe – Spaghetti à la Carbonara – in her Home Economics class. She then started collecting cookbooks with her first being a gift from her mom (Just for Kids Cookbook).

Cooking wasn't Kary's only passion when she was younger, she also skated competitively and enjoyed traveling, spending many summers visiting family in British Columbia, Canada.

Kary is a self-taught cook with some chef school training at The George Brown College Chef School.[1] She studied food theory to better understand the “whys” of cooking but most of her culinary knowledge was gleaned from her family and tirelessly studying cookbooks. Then putting into practice what she had learned.

From the age of 20, she knew she wanted to have a cooking show so that she could teach everyone how easy it is to cook. At 30, her dream was finally realized when CBC called her in to audition for their brand new show – Best Recipes Ever. As the inaugural host, Kary shared tips and tricks with viewers to help them gain confidence in the kitchen and teach novices how to cook.

After season four, Kary decided to move on to other projects and focus on building her personal brand. In March 2013, Kary developed a back-to-basics campaign with the Ontario Produce Marketing Association called Produce Made Simple.[2] The campaign taught people how to pick, store, and prepare produce and also featured original recipes developed by Kary.

Her website offers her audience daily tips, tricks and recipes to get people cooking with ease. Kary can be found chatting daily with her audience on social media and her site.


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