Kasai Rinkai Park

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Kasai Rinkai Park
Kasai Rinkai Park 2011--1.JPG
Location Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
Area 80 ha (200 acres)
Created 1989
Operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

Kasai Rinkai Park (葛西臨海公園 Kasai Rinkai Kōen) is a park in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan, which officially opened on June 1, 1989. The park includes an aquarium and a bird sanctuary, and was built on reclaimed land which includes two manmade islands, a viewing tower and a hotel.

The 117-metre (384 ft) tall Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel opened at the park in 2001. On a clear day, it affords views of Tokyo Bay, Chiba, Edogawa, Tokyo Disneyland, and Mount Fuji.

The park is always crowded during the 'hanami' period of spring, when the Japanese party under cherry trees in bloom.

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