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For the helicopter known as Kasatka, see Kamov Ka-60.
Kasatka performing "The Shamu Adventure". The stage at Shamu Stadium has since been redesigned to accommodate the new "One Ocean" show.

Kasatka is a female orca who lives at SeaWorld San Diego and the mother of Takara,[1] Nakai,[2] Kalia.[3] and Makani. She was captured off the coast of Iceland on October 26, 1978, at the age of one year. Her name probably comes from the Russian word Kasatka (Russian: Касатка), a generic name for orcas. She is 17.7 feet (5.4 m) long and weighs 5,950 pounds (2,700 kg).[4]

Kasatka became a grandmother for the first time when her daughter Takara gave birth to her first calf, a female born May 3, 2002, named Kohana. Takara gave birth a second time, on November 23, 2005, to a male named Trua in SeaWorld Orlando. Kasatka was separated from Takara and Kohana on April 24, 2004, when they were moved to SeaWorld Orlando. Takara has since given birth in 2010, to a female calf named Sakari. Takara had another daughter in 2013, named Kamea. Kalia gave birth to Kasatka's fifth grandchild and fourth granddaughter, Amaya, on December 2, 2014 at 12:34 pm.

Kasatka has shown aggression to humans. In 1993 Kasatka tried to bite a trainer during a show, and again in 1999.[5] On November 30, 2006, Kasatka grabbed the same trainer from the 1999 incident, Ken Peters, and dragged him underwater twice during their show.[6] The trainer survived with minor injuries.[7]

Kasatka gave birth to her fourth calf, a male, on February 14, 2013.[8] He was later named Makani. "At birth Makani (Hawaiian for "Wind") measured about 6.5 feet and weighed in between 300 and 350 pounds. His father is Kshamenk, via artficial insemination."[9] Her daughter Kalia gave birth to her first calf, Amaya, on December 2, 2014 at 12:34 pm.


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