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Kashi may refer to:


  • Varanasi (also known as Kāśi), a holy city in India
    • Kashi Vishwanath Temple, a temple in the town
    • Kingdom of Kashi, a historical kingdom in the location of modern-day Varanasi, existing from 1194–1911 CE.
    • Kasi, a legendary city in the location of modern-day Varanasi
    • Kashi, a particular neighborhood in modern-day Varanasi. It is known for its older buildings and is colloquially called "Old Varanasi"
  • Kashgar (pinyin transliteration), city in the region of Xinjiang, China
  • Kashi, Hamadan, a village in Hamadan Province, Iran
  • Kashi, Hormozgan, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran
  • Kashan, city in the province of Isfahan, Iran



  • Kashani, often shortened to Kashi, a surname

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