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Kasnazani Order(Tariqah)

Al-Aliyyah Al-Qadiriyyah Al-Kasnazaniyyah order ('Arabic: الطريقة العلية القادرية الكسنزانية, shortly known as 'Kasnazani - Arabic: كسنزان) is a Sufi order popular in Iraq and Iran, it is a sub-order of the Qadiri order. It is also the largest order in Iraq and widely spread across other countries. It makes no distinction between Sunni and Shia followers. The order is known for its rituals during which some of its adherents (dervishes) inflict wounds upon themselves, such as piercing their bodies, chewing blades or electrocuting themselves. It is also known for the music performed during the rituals using large drums (daf). Male members twirl their hip long hair around during rituals. "While sectarian strife threatens to tear Iraq apart, mystical Sufi orders like the Kasnazani still manage to bring Sunni and Shia Muslims, as well as Arabs and Kurds, together". The present spiritual leader of Kasnazani order is Shaikh Muhammad Abdul Kareem Al-Qadiri Al-Kasnazani Al-Hussaini, a descendant of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad through the lineage of his grandson Imam Husain ibn Ali.

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