Kataller Toyama

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Kataller Toyama
Full name Kataller Toyama
Founded 2007; 8 years ago (2007)
Ground Toyama Athletic Recreation Park Stadium
Toyama, Toyama
Ground Capacity 28,494
Chairman Japan Tetsuo Nakao
Manager Japan Takayoshi Amma 
League J3 League
2014 J. League Division 2, 22nd (relegated)
Website Club home page

Kataller Toyama (Katāre Toyama, カターレ富山) is a football club in Japan that was formed from the merger of the old ALO's Hokuriku and YKK AP F.C. clubs. They currently play in J. League Division 2.


The idea of a merged team had been discussed by the Toyama Prefectural Football Association as early as 2005, but discussions had come to nothing.

On September 10, 2007, YKK (owner of YKK AP F.C.) and Hokuriku Electric Power Company (owner of ALO's Hokuriku), agreed with merging their teams to aim promotion to the J. League in response of eager request by the TPFA. According to Tulip TV, local broadcasting company, over 20 companies informally promised to invest in the new team. In the media briefing, the governor of Toyama Prefecture also participated.

TPFA has founded an organization named "Civic Football Club Team of Toyama Prefecture (富山県民サッカークラブチーム)" with two major economic organization and representatives of Hokuriku Electric Power Company and YKK. The Japan Football League confirmed that the merged club would compete in the JFL from the 2008 season.

They applied for J. League Associate Membership in January 2008, then their application was accepted at the Board meeting of J. League on February 19, 2008. On November 23 they secured qualification for promotion to J2, and on December 1 promotion was made official by J. League and Toyama will compete in J2 in 2009.

Name and crest[edit]

The word "kataller" is a portmanteau of the phrase 勝たれ katare which in Toyama dialect means "to win", and the French aller, "to go". The phrase is also intended to be a pun of Italian cantare, "to sing", and of native Japanese 語れ katare, "to talk" (written with a different kanji character).

The crest is shaped in the form of a tulip, the official Toyama Prefecture flower.

Record as J. League member[edit]

Season Div. Tms. Pos. Attendance/G J. League Cup Emperor's Cup
2009 J2 18 13 3,740 - 3rd Round
2010 J2 19 18 4,463 - 2nd Round
2011 J2 20 16 3,275 - 3rd Round
2012 J2 22 19 3,324 - 2nd Round
2013 J2 22 18 4,474 - 2nd Round
2014 J2 22 22 4,266 - 3rd Round
  • Tms. = Number of teams
  • Pos. = Position in league
  • Attendance/G = Average league attendance

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Japan GK Tatsumi Iida
2 Japan DF Shota Kimura
3 Japan DF Takafumi Mikuriya
4 Japan DF Ryo Hiraide
5 Japan DF Michitaka Akimoto
6 Japan MF Kenta Uchida (on loan from Shimizu S-Pulse)
7 Japan MF Daisuke Asahi
8 Japan MF Yohei Onishi
9 Japan FW Ryōhei Shirasaki (on loan from Shimizu S-Pulse)
10 Japan FW Takuya Kokeguchi
14 Japan MF Atsushi Izawa (on loan from Ventforet Kofu)
15 Japan FW Yōsuke Mikami
16 Japan MF Takahiro Kuniyoshi
17 Japan MF Keisuke Kimoto
No. Position Player
19 Japan DF Yōsuke Ikehata
20 China DF Gao Zhunyi
21 Japan GK Yuichi Mizutani
22 Japan MF Yusuke Tanahashi
23 Japan DF Takuya Yoshikawa
25 Japan MF Haruki Umemura
26 Japan MF Shunsuke Oyama
27 Japan DF Kenta Yoshikawa
29 Japan DF Renpei Uchida
30 Japan MF Hiroki Tanaka
31 Japan GK Daichi Shibata
33 Japan MF Shoya Nakajima (on loan from FC Tokyo)
38 Japan FW Takumi Miyayoshi (on loan from Kyoto Sanga)
41 Japan GK Ryotaro Hironaga
Malaysia MF Tam Sheang Tsung

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Japan DF Naoto Yoshii (at FC Machida Zelvia)
Japan MF Taijiro Mori (at Sagawa Printing SC)
Japan MF Yoshiki Yamamoto (at Verspah Oita)
Japan FW Tomoki Muramatsu (at Honda FC)
Japan FW Yudai Nishikawa (at Tochigi S.C.)

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