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For the American writer and energy analyst, please see Kate Gordon (energy analyst).
Kate Gordon
Kate Gordon (author).jpg
Born 1982 (age 31–32)
Tasmania, Australia
Occupation Author
Nationality Australian
Genre young-adult fiction

Kate Gordon is an Australian writer of young-adult fiction.


Gordon was born in 1982 in Tasmania, Australia.[1] Gordon has studied Performing Arts and Information Management at the University of Tasmania, and Literary Studies at Deakin University. Prior to writing, she has worked as a librarian and bookseller, specialising in children's and young-adult books.[2]

In 2010, her first novel was published by Allen & Unwin, entitled Three Things About Daisy Blue, the twentieth and final novel in the Girlfriend Fiction series.[3] In 2011, her second novel, Thyla was published by Random House Australia.[4] Unlike her first novel, Thyla is a paranormal fiction, set in Hobart, Tasmania and its surroundings. It was inspired by a visit to the Cascades Female Factory historical site, and also a story written for her by her father about a thylacine named Tessa.[5] The sequel to Thyla, entitled Vulpi, was released in April 2012.[6]

Gordon's next novel, entitled Writing Clementine, was released in June 2014.[7]


  • Three Things about Daisy Blue (2010) - book 20 in the Girlfriend Fiction series
  • Thyla (2011)
  • Vulpi (2012)
  • Writing Clementine (2014)


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