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Kate Havnevik
Background information
Birth name Kate Havnevik
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Electronica, alternative dance, trip hop, pop
Labels Continentica Records
Associated acts Schiller, Carmen Rizzo, Röyksopp, Mono Band, William Besson, The Dark Flowers
Website KateHavnevik.com

Kate Havnevik is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. Her debut album, the critically acclaimed electronica-infused Melankton, was released in March 2006 on iTunes and April 2006 (on physical CD) in Norway only, before being licensed internationally to Universal Republic USA later. Havnevik started a new PledgeMusic campaign 21.Nov.2014 in connection with the release of her new album "&i" coming out Feb. 2015. Kate ran a successful PledgeMusic campaign in 2011 to fund the release of her second album, You,(she raised $24,252), which was released in October 2011. Her music has been prominently featured in TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, The O.C., and The West Wing.

Early life[edit]

Kate Havnevik is the child of classical flutists Andrew Cunningham and Lotte Havnevik.[1] She can play the piano, the guitar, and the melodica amongst other instruments. Earlier in life, she aspired to be a classical and jazz musician, much like her parents, who are both classically trained musicians. At 14, her goals shifted when she joined an all female punk rock band, rehearsing and playing at Oslo's illegally occupied club Blitz.[2] The experience led her to pursue an interest in classical music mixed with modern electronica.

Music career[edit]

2005-07: Melankton[edit]

Havnevik set about working with producers to help hone her sound, the most famous of whom is Guy Sigsworth, part of Frou Frou, who has also worked with Imogen Heap, Madonna, Jem, Britney Spears, Björk and Alanis Morissette. Havnevik tracked down Sigsworth around in 2000, rang him and left phone messages, until one day he agreed to meet her.[citation needed] The pair have co-written and recorded many songs together, some of which have been featured on Melankton, including "Unlike Me", "Not Fair" and "You Again", and some of which will be included on Havnevik's second album 'You', including "Disobey", which Havnevik premiered on her official web site. She describes Melankton as "dramatic, beautiful and euphoric", and deemed it the perfect introduction to her music, which is why it is being released first.[citation needed] The album title is from a character in a Norwegian book Havnevik was reading, and also translates to "black rose", which she says is very fitting for the album. Melankton was mastered in Devon, partly mixed in Los Angeles, partly mixed and recorded in London, Bratislava, Oslo, Reykjavík and Los Angeles. The album was premiered online on Havnevik's official web site for 48hours from 11–12 March 2006, and was added to Apple Computer's iTunes music store on 27 March 2006. It was commercially released on CD on 3 April in Norway; a special UK edition, omitting "Someday", and instead including "Travel In Time", was released on 16 October 2006. The US edition, featuring a new song titled "Timeless", was released in the United States on 27 March 2007 exactly one year after its iTunes release.

In addition to Sigsworth, Havnevik has also collaborated with Marius De Vries, who has previously worked with Björk and David Gray, Yoad Nevo, famous for his work with Welsh singer Jem, LA producer Carmen Rizzo and Petter Haavik from Norwegian techno group Ost&KJex.

As well as her solo projects, Havnevik has also co-written and provided guest vocals on the tracks "Only This Moment" and "Circuit Breaker" by Röyksopp, both featured on the album The Understanding. Havnevik also contributes vocals to Röyksopp's live EP, Röyksopp's Night Out.

She co-wrote and provided vocals on the track "Crazy", featured on mono band's 2005 self-titled LP, a solo project of former Cranberries guitarist Noel Hogan. Working extensively with Guy Sigsworth, she also provided backing vocals, (as a favor), to a Britney Spears track he produced, which was released in late 2005, entitled "Someday (I Will Understand)."

On December 5, 2006 she made her first ever UK broadcast media appearance, on Janice Long's BBC Radio 2 show, performing "Unlike Me", "I Don't Know You" and "New Day."

A collaboration she recorded with Carmen Rizzo, "Travel In Time", featured on Rizzo's album, The Lost Art Of The Idle Moment. The track was remixed for the UK edition of Melankton and featured on a season 3 episode of the FOX teen drama series "The O.C." and an episode of NBC TV show "Windfall". In 2010, Havnevik again collaborated with Rizzo on the track "This Life" on his "Looking Through Leaves" album.

2008-2012: You and side projects[edit]

Havnevik released a 5-track EP entitled "Me", in September 2008

In February 2012, Havnevik played live on Norwegian radio channel P3, performing "MYYM" from her album You.

Havnevik's vocals are featured on the songs "Don't Go" & " The Fire" from the album "Atemlos" by Schiller, released on March 12, 2010 on iTunes, Germany. Havnevik joined the German concert tour of Schiller in May 2010, which was filmed for the 2 DVD + 1-CD box set 'Lichtblick'. "Atemlos" was made available on USA iTunes and elsewhere over the summer, 2010. "Lichtblick" was released, November 2010, in Germany, and includes a new song "Ghost", recorded by Havnevik and Christopher von Deylen, especially for it. Havnevik also wrote the songs "Velvet Aeroplane", "Hallucinating Beauty" and "Oasis" for his release "Sonne" in 2012, and joined him on his "Sonne" tour, She is performing on the Sonne DVD, recorded in Berlin O2 Arena, Dec. 2012.

In 2010, Havnevik joined the collective "The Dark Flowers" formed by musician/writer/producer Paul Statham who was inspired after reading the "Motel Chronicles" by Sam Shepard and whilst listening to a soundtrack by Bruce Langhorne, from the 70's western film, "The Hired Hand". Brian Eno's "Another Green World" has also played an influence. "The Dark Flowers" collective features, apart from Havnevik's "Fast Forest Rain", songs featuring vocalist's Jim Kerr, Dot Allison, Peter Murphy, Shelly Poole, Catherine A.D, Helicopter Girl and Remi Roughe. As of fall 2010, the project is currently seeking a record deal.

2012-present: "MORMOR og de 8 Ungene" movie[edit]

Kate Havnevik wrote, produced and orchestrated 7 songs for the Family Film-musical "Mormor og de 8 Ungene" in Norway. The film premiered 16.Aug.2013 and was well received in press. The soundtrack is available in Norway. There will be a subtitled version of the film released later. This was Kate's first film music project. She recorded the songs with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, and the songs are performed by the actors in the film. Kate's Songs include: Familiesamba De Skal Få Se Eggedosis Spor for Spor Plan B

She also produced and arranged and orchestrated 2 songs written by Nils Petter Mørland Taxisang Ensomsang

Other composers part of the project was Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen and Eyvind Andreas Skeie whom wrote the rest of the songs. The movie was produced by Paradox and directed by Lisa Marie Gamlem.

NEW album &i to be released 27.02.2015[edit]

Kate has written and recorded another solo album which will be released in 2015. Many of the songs have been co-written and produced by longtime collaborator Guy Sigsworth, there are also some new collaborators featured on the record. Kate started a PledgeMusic campaign 21.Nov. which will run until the release date. The first single "Emperor Of Nowhere" was released 24.Nov. The video for Emperor Of Nowhere shows Kate in a black and white darkly animated scene. The video and song was well received and recommended on several UK music blogs, amongst them Q-magazine.




  • "Me"


  • Show Me Love
  • Halo
  • Think Again
  • Disobey
  • Soon

"Disobey", a compilation of remixes with 4 versions of Disobey, including an old version Kate and Guy Sigsworth did back in the day. Tracklisting:

  • Disobey Album Version
  • Disobey Old Version
  • Disobey Siggi Remix
  • Disobey Sultan & Ned Mix

Singles (& CD Singles)[edit]

  • "Think Again" Official single in Norway (released May 2012 by Continentica Records)
  • "Disobey" Official second single in the UK (released May 2012 by Continentica Records)
  • "Mouth 2 Mouth" Official single in the UK (released March 2012 by Continentica Records)
  • "MYYM" Official single in Norway, (released February 2012 by Continentica Records/ DaWorks Records)
  • "Unlike Me" (October 2006 UK single includes a rare a cappella version and a remix by Ost & Kjex · Continentica Records)
  • "So:Lo" (November 2006 Digital iTunes Single Release - Continentica Records)
  • "Halo" (February 2009, released on iTunes - Continentica Records)
  • "Show Me Love" (March 2009, released on iTunes - Continentica Records)
  • "Mine" (March 2013, self-released via her website) [5]
  • "Micronation" (2014 June - First single of her upcoming &I album) [6]
  • "Emperor of Nowhere"


  • "Disobey" remixes by [Siggi Remix] and [Sultan+Ned Shepard remix]
  • "Happy Sad" remixed by Beatman & Ludmilla
  • "Mouth 2 Mouth" remixed by Milosh
  • "Unlike Me" remixed by Ost & Kjex (Cheese & Biscuits)
  • "Serpentine" remixed by Dokkemand
  • "New Day" remixed by Beatman & Ludmilla


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