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Dame Kate Isabel Campbell, DBE, FRCOG (22 April 1899 — 12 July 1986) was a noted Australian physician and paediatrician.

Born at Hawthorn, Melbourne to Scottish-born Donald Campbell and his wife, New Zealand-born Janet Duncan (née Mill), she was the third of four siblings, the youngest of whom, her brother Donald, was the barrister who defended Frank Hardy in the Power without Glory trial.[1]

She graduated from medical school with such luminaries as (Sir) Frank Macfarlane Burnet and (Dame) Jean Macnamara.[2] Despite sexism and discrimination against women then seeking medical careers, Campbell was named as "honorary paediatrician" to the Queen Victoria Hospital in 1926, retiring in 1965.



Campbell retired in 1976 and died on 12 July 1986 at Camberwell, Melbourne, aged 87. She never married.



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