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Life and Works[edit]

Katerina Jebb, born 15 November 1962 is a British-born artist, photographer and film-maker.

After studying drama at St Anne's College, in 1984 she moved to California to study photography. Her first works were photomontages which she created inside the camera, originating from repeated exposure of a single roll of film.

In 1989 Jebb moved to Paris and worked for the French newspaper Liberation.

In 1991 she was involved in a car accident which seriously injured her right arm. To resolve the resulting inability to hold a camera, Jebb began to employ machines to make life-size images, primarily self-portraits, laying herself on a high-resolution scanning machine. Subsequently, she explored a greater diversity of techniques in parallel with the expanding possibilities in digital technology. Jebb proceeded to remove parts of the scanner to facilitate maximum extension of the subject. The duration of each passage of the scanner echoed early photographic principles, being seven minutes long, therefore demanding of the sitter to lie motionless for 28 minutes.[1]

The resulting images were considered as a new visual medium and appeared in museums and galleries, notably The Whitney Museum as part of The Warhol Look (1998), a world touring retrospective. Her early work was subsequently published in Life Magazine, The Times and Vogue.

Recent projects include works commissioned by the Musée Galliera Paris and The Festival of Autumn Paris 2012 and 2013.[2]

Katerina Jebb is currently working on a project with the Fondation Balthus, to be presented in 2014.[3]


"I feel that Katerina Jebb desires to produce photographic works to chase away her doubts. Aided by the cold ray of light, it is the object, the clothing and sometimes even the human body that she examines in its shell, its skeleton. She turns photography into a ritual and sacred exercise in which the clothes and portraits are seen in a raw state. Her lost and rediscovered images are the absurd and drained mirrors of our worlds, of which they reveal tenderness and a sense of abandonment.[4]
Olivier Saillard Director of le Musée Galliera Paris, 2012

Much has already been written on the relationship between death and photography, on reality and fiction, on the blurring of genres – all fundamental themes in contemporary photography and also in the work of Katerina Jebb, an English artist based in Paris. What catches the attention is the weird aesthetic conjured by her technique. Her portraits – now printed from scans, and previously from photocopies – use a method that seems to denature life and maybe even nudge it over to the other side. And on the other side, the skin is even smoother and sometimes porcelain-white in colour; forms flatten and the aura of the gaze vanishes forever – as if, precisely, the breath of life was so diminished as to be lost. The stiffness of the characters gives us no clue as to the model's position: are they levitating, or are we in the presence of recumbent funerary statues? This stiffness, and the sumptuous dresses, also call to mind the saints carried through southern European streets during religious processions. The sacred has a part to play, too. Wavering, perhaps. Is this gaze – which isn’t one, really – eternity?

The moment the photograph was taken is no longer at issue. These are frozen images – as is any photograph, of course, but here the function is multiplied. Mummification or embalmingo. In 1890, Dr Variot, a Paris hospital physician, proposed a new method of embalmingo, ‘galvanic anthropoplasty’, based on the use of silver nitrate, a substance well known to the period’s photographers. Katerina Jebb plays a little game of convergence and of process exchange: in a dizzying mise en abîme of the medium’s basic principles, she shows us an image whose aesthetic comes close to this idea. The garment – the most beautiful garment, of course – is deposited. As if it were the last worn; as if it were for eternity. What is captured is thus no longer an instant of life, but the appearance thereof in all its splendour.,[5]
Vincent Juillerat, art historian, 2008

Images and techniques[edit]

Jebb is known for her unconventional approach to image creation.

She works in several mediums, notably video art, installations, human scanning and photomontage.

Her signature work involves the use of domestic scanning machines and industrial-sized photocopy machines to document objects, composing multiple digital files to create an exact rendition of the original. The techniques employed produce a phantasmagoric aesthetic, often present in her work.

Jebb's recent video series, Simulacrum and Hyperbole, is a work of satire featuring Kylie Minogue, Tilda Swinton, Kristin Scott Thomas and Marisa Berenson. In this work, Jebb parodies contemporary consumerist practice in advertising. The series is presented on Jebb's imaginary TV channel, Lucid TV.


Museum exhibitions/Group exhibitions[edit]

  • Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo April 2014, Inventory of Balthus
  • Fondation Balthus,2014[6][7]
  • Musée Galliera, Beaux -Arts de Paris, Eternity Dress 2014,[8]
  • Palais de Tokyo, Festival d'Automne Paris 2012, The Impossible Wardrobe[9]
  • Momu Mussée d'Anvers 2012
  • Musée Réattu, Arles, Acte V, 2012[10]
  • Centre Pompidou, Paris, You Can Find Beautiful Things Without Consciousness, Asvoff Festival, 2011[11]
  • Museum Of The Moving Image, New York, Opening Title Sequence, Birds Of Paradise, 2011
  • Musee Bourdelle, Paris, Madame Gres, La Couture A L’oeuvre, Life Size Composite Scans, 2011,[12]
  • National Museum, Kulturforum, Berlin, Film Projection & Human Photocopy Tryptychs, 2011[13]
  • Musée Réattu, Arles, France,"Still and Living Objects and Women", video projection "Unidentified N°35" (2008)[14]
  • Musée Réattu, Arles, France, "Chambre d'Echo", (2009)[citation needed]
  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London, "Kylie, the exhibition", (2007)[citation needed]
  • Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, "Avantgarderobe, Kunst und Mode im 20. Jahrhundert" (1999)[citation needed]
  • The Whitney Museum, New York, "The Warhol look: glamour, style and fashion” (1998),[citation needed] 2-year touring exhibition:
  • Musée de la Mode, Marseille (1998)[citation needed]
  • Musée des Beaux Arts, Ontario (1998)[citation needed]
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (1998)[citation needed]
  • The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg (1998)[citation needed]

Gallery exhibitions/Group shows[edit]

  • Librarie Mazarine Paris 2013, Le Tablier de Balthus[15]
  • FIAC 2013 Hôtel de Miramion Paris, Spot – Balice Hertling in collaboration with Nilufar and Giò Marconi Gallery[16]
  • Art Paris Grand Palais, Analix Gallery Geneva, 2012[17]
  • Vara Fine Arts VPL, New York, Second Skin, 2012,[18]
  • La Chapelle Balthus La Rossiniere, Switzerland, Le Tablier De Balthus, Documentary Film & Life Size Composite Scans, 2011[19]
  • Trading Museum Comme Des Garcons, Paris, Simulacrum & Hyperbole, Video Installation, 2011
  • British Film Institute Southbank, Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011, Simulacrum & Hyperbole, 2011
  • Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan "Simulacrum & Hyperbole", (2010)[citation needed]
  • Brachfeld Gallery Paris, In the Realm of the Senses, (2010)
  • The Barbican Centre, The Curve Gallery, London, video installation for Acne (2009)[citation needed]
  • Contemporary Art Space of Dudelange, Luxembourg, "Faire Peau de l'Inconscient" (2009)[20]
  • Dopolavoro Gallery, Milan, “A Candid Look at the Anatomical Fascination of VPL”(2009)[citation needed]
  • Gallery of Art Conseil General, Aix en Provence, video installation and still lives (2009)[citation needed]
  • Palais de l'Archeveque, Rencontres d'Arles, France "Untitled Icons 1–8" (2008)[citation needed]
  • Le Laboratoire, Paris "On Capturing a Cloud", video installation (2008)[citation needed]
  • Dover Street market, London "Comme des Garçons", mixed media installations (2008)[21]
  • Comme des Garçons", Japan, human photocopy installation (2007)
  • Givenchy, Paris, "Unidentified N°35", video projection and large scale human photocopy (2007)
  • Givenchy, Madison Avenue, New York, "Art meets fashion" (2006)
  • Anne Faggionato Gallery, London, "Psycho, Art and Anatomy", Autoportrait Oral and Real Doll, (2000)[22]
  • The Hayward Gallery, Southbank, London, “Addressing the Century, 100 years of Art and Fashion” (1999)[citation needed]
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth (1998)[citation needed]
  • RMIT Gallery, The Melbourne Festival, "Hype Fashion, Art and Advertising" (1999)[citation needed]
  • CCAC Gallery, San Francisco, "Fast Forward", video and installation, collaboration with "Comme des Garçons" (1998)[citation needed]
  • Kunstlerhaus Gallery, Vienna, "Fast Forward", video and installation, collaboration with "Comme des Garçons" (1998)[citation needed]

Permanent Collections[edit]


  • Musée Galliera, Paris Haute Couture, Olivier Saillard et Anne Zazzo, (éditions Skira Flammarion, Sophie Laporte, 2012),[24][25]
  • Acne Paper, interview Professor Van der Kemp, 2012
  • Purple magazine interview Olivier Zahm, 2013 [26]

Film festivals[edit]

  • Barbican, BFI Southbank, Tate Modern, London, Fashion in Film Festival, "Birds of Paradise", 2010
  • ICA Gallery, London, "Birds Eye View Festival", film projection (2009)


  • Canal+, France, "Essay on failure Malcolm McClaren" (2001)
  • Channel 4, London, "Illuminations, zoom", films by fashion photographers (1999)[27]


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