Katherine Howe

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Katherine Howe
Born 1977
Houston, Texas
Occupation Novelist
Genre Historical Fiction

Katherine Howe, a novelist who lives in New England and upstate New York,[1] is the author of the New York Times Bestseller The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (Hyperion, 2009 ISBN 978-1-4013-4090-2) and The House of Velvet and Glass. Her most recent work - Conversion - will be published in July 2014.[2][3]

She has also hosted "Salem: Unmasking The Devil" on the National Geographic Channel.

Howe, who was raised in Houston, Texas and is a graduate of the Kinkaid School and Columbia University, began writing fiction while working on her doctoral dissertation in American and New England Studies at Boston University.[4] She currently teaches at Cornell University.[5]

Howe and her husband, the economic historian Louis Hyman (author of Debtor Nation), are core members of a group informally known as the "Springfield Street Table," a small club of Cambridge-area writers and scholars who gather to play poker while trading barbs and debating culture and ideas.[6] The bestselling novelist Matthew Pearl is also a core member of this group, and is sometimes credited with helping to launch Howe's literary career.

Howe, whose family settled in Essex County, Massachusetts in the 1620s, is related to accused Salem witches Elizabeth Proctor and Elizabeth Howe.[7]