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Kathryn Hulme
Kathryn hulme ca 1920.jpg
Born Kathryn Cavarly Hulme
(1900-07-06)July 6, 1900
San Francisco, California
Died August 25, 1981(1981-08-25) (aged 81)
Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii
Spouse Leonard D. Geldert (1925-1928)
Partner Marie Louise Habets (1905-1986)[1][circular reference]

Kathryn Hulme (July 6, 1900 - August 25, 1981) was an American author and memoirist most noted for her novel The Nun's Story. The book is often, mistakenly, understood to be semi-biographical.


Her 1956 book The Nun's Story was a best-selling novel which was made into an award-winning 1959 movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter Finch.

Another work, The Undiscovered Country: A Spiritual Adventure published by Little, Brown & Co. was a description of her years as a student of mystic G. I. Gurdjieff and her eventual conversion to Catholicism. Hulme studied with Gurdjieff as part of a group of women known as "The Rope", which included eight members in all: Jane Heap, Elizabeth Gordon, Solita Solano, Margaret Caroline Anderson, Louise Davidson and Alice Rohrer, besides them.[2]

She is also the author of Wild Place, a description of her experiences as the UNRRA Director of the Polish Displaced Persons (DP) camp at Wildflecken, Germany, after WWII. This work won the Atlantic Non-Fiction Award in 1952.

It was at Wildflecken that Hulme met a Belgian nurse and former nun named Marie Louise Habets, who became her lifelong companion. The Nun's Story is a slightly fictionalized biographical account of Habets' life as a nun.

In her 1938 fictionalized autobiography "We Lived as Children," San Francisco native Kathryn Hulme captured the difference between adult's and children's perspectives as her persona tells of watching San Francisco burn after the tragic 1906 earthquake.


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