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Katie Buckhaven is a British female singer whose style is an eclectic mix of jazz and folk songs.

Buckhaven played support to Ben & Jason and Carina Round on the Acoustic Roadworks tour 2001; she has also played with her band at various venues in London including:

On the Lemonrock website she is described thus:

"Katie's voice is remarkable for its almost theatrical versatility. The moods created by her songs range from high melodrama, demonstrated in her interpretation of "Summertime," to the rough-edged groove of "Take a chance". Her sets are unpredictable. A sultry blues number with her band could be followed by a stripped-down melancholic torch song."

Buckhaven has also toured Europe, playing solo gigs in bars in Paris, Seville and Berlin where she sang in French, Spanish and Italian.


  • Katie Buckhaven - 2005

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