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Katrin Siska

Katrin Siska (born December 10, 1983 in Tallinn, Estonia) is an Estonian musician and member of the Estonian pop-rock band Vanilla Ninja.

Alongside her musical commitments, Siska has also been studying finance and accounting at a vocational school and international relations and diplomacy in Tallinn. After moving back to Estonia with Vanilla Ninja from Germany in year 2006 she went back to the university again - now she is studying law at Tallinn University of Technology.[citation needed]

She is fluent in Estonian, Russian, English, German and Finnish.[citation needed] At the university she has been studying also French.

Siska was a member of a choir during her schooltime and started playing the piano when she was 7 years old. She has a younger sister.[citation needed]

In August 2009, Siska joined the Estonian Centre Party.[1]


Katrin Siska graduated TTÜ University in 2012 (law).

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