Katrine Boorman

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Katrine Boorman
Born 1958
London, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 1981-2008

Katrine Boorman (born 1958) is an English actress who has appeared on film, in television, and on the London stage. She is the daughter of British director John Boorman.


Boorman was born to British film director John Boorman and his first wife, Christel Kinse Boorman. They had seven children, Telsche (died 1997), Lola, Lee, Lily Mae, Daisy, Katrine, and Charley. The family spent the early years of Katrine's life in County Wicklow in Ireland, but after John and Christel divorced, the children and the mother left that area, while John remarried and started another family. She gradually became a greater presence in her father's life as she took parts in his films.[1]



  • Les roses de Dublin (1981)
  • Jemima Shore Investigates (1983)
  • Deadly Nightmares (1989)
  • Mistress of Suspense (1990)
  • Bordertown (1990)
  • Un privé au soleil (1991)
  • Avocat d'office (1995)
  • Le Bonheur est un mensonge (1997)

Director and Producer[edit]

  • Boogie Woogie (2009; assistant director and assistant producer)
  • Me and Me Dad (2012 documentary; director and producer)


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