Katsuhiro Nakagawa

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Katsuhiro Nakagawa (1942 (age 71–72) or 1941 (age 72–73)) ) is the former vice chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.[1] Vice-Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1997 - 1998.Former president and CEO Katsuaki Watanabe replaced him as the new vice chairman of the company and Watanabe's spot being replaced by Akio Toyoda.[2]

Other corporate position held by Nakagawa:[3]

  • Chairman of Tokio Marine Capital Co., Ltd
  • Auditor of Shochiku Co., Ltd. 2001-2014
  • Corporate Auditor of Aichi Steel Corp. 2006-
  • President and Director of MX Mobiling Co., Ltd. 2008-?
  • Director of Mikuni Corporation 2013-


Business positions
Preceded by
Vice Chairman of Toyota
Succeeded by
Katsuaki Watanabe