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Katun State Nature Reserve scheme

Katun State Nature Reserve is located in the Altai Republic in Siberia, along the border with Kazakhstan. It was established on July 25, 1991. In 1998 Katun became part of the Golden Mountains of Altai UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mount Belukha, the highest mountain in Siberia at 4506 meters (14,500 feet), is located in the preserve.

The reserve features 700 species of plants, 51 mammals, 140 of birds, three types of reptiles and eight fish species. Endangered species include the fawn lily (Erythronium sibericum), peony (Paeonia hybrida), spleenwort (Asplenium exiguum),and, rarely, the snow leopard (Uncia uncia). Ecosystems include glaciers, alpine tundra, meadows, and forests. Much of the terrain has been formed through glaciation, and there are small lakes, streams, waterfalls, and steep slopes.

  • Coordinates: 49°28' to 49°56'N; 85°37' to 86°34'E

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Coordinates: 49°38′N 86°06′E / 49.633°N 86.100°E / 49.633; 86.100