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NASA picture of Kauehi Atoll
Kauehi is located in French Polynesia
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 15°52′S 145°8′W / 15.867°S 145.133°W / -15.867; -145.133
Archipelago Tuamotu archipelago
Area 315 km2 (122 sq mi) (lagoon)
15 km² (above water)
Length 23 km (14.3 mi)
Width 17 km (10.6 mi)
Commune Fakarava
Largest city Tearavero
Population 531[1] (as of 2012)
Ethnic groups French Polynesian
NASA picture of Kauehi atoll.

Kauehi, or Putake, is an atoll in the Tuamotu group in French Polynesia. The nearest land is Raraka Atoll, located 17 km to the Southeast.

Kauehi Atoll is roughly kidney-shaped and has a wide lagoon; length 23 km, width 17 km. The atoll area is 315km2, of which 15km2 is land. Kauehi's lagoon has one navigable pass.

Kauehi Atoll has 531 inhabitants as of 2012. The main village is called Tearavero.[2]


Even though Kauehi Atoll was probably well-known to the pearl traders, the first recorded European to visit it was the Beagle's captain Robert FitzRoy in 1835.[2][3]

Kauehi was later visited by the historic United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842. Charles Wilkes called the atoll "Vincennes" after his ship.[4]

There is a territorial (domestic) airfield in Kauehi which was inaugurated in 2001.[5]


Kauehi Atoll belongs to the commune of Fakarava, which consists of Fakarava, as well as the atolls of Aratika, Kauehi, Niau, Raraka, Taiaro and Toau.


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Coordinates: 15°52′S 145°08′W / 15.867°S 145.133°W / -15.867; -145.133

Kauehi fue descubierto por Fitz-Roy en 1835, aunque probablemente ya era conocido por los comerciantes de perlas. Era conocido con el nombre de Vincennes.