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Kaumaram is a sect of Hindus, especially found in South India and Sri Lanka where Lord Muruga is the Supreme Godhead. Tamil is a divine language created by the lord himself, according to local south Indian belief.[1][2][3][4][5] So, to the Tamils, there are only one divine languages- Tamil which was founded by a Holy Sages known as Agastya,[6][7] gaining their inspiration from the Lord. Lord Muruga is considered the patron of the Tamils, due to His worship being widespread amongst those of Tamil descent. However, this was not always so for Lord Muruga's worship was once widespread in North India and Bengal. According to the Skanda Purana, Lord Muruga is considered as the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvati where Lord Ganesha is their first son. According to the Puranic sources Lord Muruga incarnated as six sparks emanating from the Third eye of Lord Shiva.[8] According to Skanda purana Lord Muruga imprisoned Lord Brahma,protected Lord Vishnu from the asuras and taught the Pranava Mantram to Lord Shiva.Thus Lord Muruga is considered superior to the Trimurti. The worshippers of Lord Muruga are called Kaumaras.

Paramparai and Sampradayam[edit]

Lord Muruga in His great mercy and compassion responds to His devotees without the need for a mortal guru. He is the Supreme Guru of the Universe and responds to His devotees in ways that suit their consciousness best. There only is one Sampradaya in the Kaumara faith, that which begins from Lord Muruga Himself. Unfortunately, today the Kaumara faith has lost the glory and majesty it once possessed. It has merged largely into Shaivism. However, ancient texts such as the Kumara Tantra and the Skanda Sadbhava Tantra does give significant insight on the Kaumara faith in its original sense.

Pranava Mantram[edit]

The Omkara finds its origin in Lord Muruga(Space).[9] Lord Muruga taught this Mantra to Lord Shiva.

In the context of the Skanda Purana (34.28-30) it is proclaimed that Lord Murugan is the origin of the Omkara. This is evident in the formula containing the names of Lord Murugan followed by Pranava. Lord Murugan also explains that Lord Siva also is part of this Omkara which encapsulates the entire universes.

From Lord Shiva, the sages learnt it. It is the substatum of all creation. So Lord Muruga is considered as the supreme deity in Kaumaram. Lord Muruga is Himself the Pranava, thus He alone has full knowledge of It. This gives Him the authority to question Bramha and teach Siva Its meaning.

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