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Kaunas Dance Theatre Aura is the professional theatre of modern dance in Kaunas, Lithuania.[1][2][3]


A group of modern dance was founded in 1980 by Birutė Letukaitė and several other young dancers. In 1982 they gave their first performance. Under the leadership of B. Letukaite who remains Aura’s managing and artistic director this small group of dancers has grown into and has become the best known and most decorated modern/contemporary dance company in Lithuania. In 1995 the City of Kaunas awarded Kaunas Dance theatre Aura the status of a municipal theatre that so far no other dance troupe in the country managed to achieve yet.

Since 1989 Kaunas Dance theatre Aura is the organizer of the International Modern Dance Festival. Though the International Modern Dance Festival is first of all an integral part of cultural life and a meaningful tradition in Kaunas, the Festival is being brought to other Lithuanian towns too. The unique feature of the Festival is the night performances shown at alternative spaces in Kaunas.


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