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For Ancient Indian kingdom, see Kosala Kingdom.

Kaushal is a Hindu Gotra in India while Koshal is an unrelated surname of a Muslim clan in Pakistan. Kaushal is also used as a first name (male) in many parts of India. In the Devnagri thesaurus (Hindi language) Kaushal means clever, perfect or skillful. The Muslim clan lives in Pakistan while Hindu gotra in India.

Rajput Kaushal[edit]

Kaushal is a name for Raghuvanshi clan of Suryavanshi lineage. They are considered as the descendent's of Lord Rama. Lord Rama was sometimes called as Kaushalendra Rama and hence the Kaushal lineage came into existence.

Kaushal's are found very rare and belongs to higher caste and royal families of rajputs in some areas.

Kaushal's were traditionally renowned for their knowledge of astrology and spiritual healing and God fearing.

Brahmin Kaushal[edit]

Kaushal Brahmins lived in punjab, himachal Pradesh ,Haryana they are also Sarswat Brahmins-High order Brahmins. These Brahmins are the direct descendants of Brahma and Hiranyabha Kaushalya Rishi, a teacher of the Indian Sage Yagnavalkya. They also ruled as Brahmin Kings in North India now known as place of god (dev bhumi), over the Kaushala region. It is Known Lord Ram's Mother Queen Kaushalya was a descendant of the clan. India References to Kaushalya Rishi can be found upon research in Shrimad Bhagwat Maha Puran. The Brahmins of Haryana are indigenous. It is said that they originally came from Kashmir a long time ago. Kaushals were traditionally known for their knowledge of astrology and spiritual healing, and mainly were teachers of knowledge, owners and rulers of land.

Vaishya Kaushal[edit]

This community inhabits Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, M.P., Gujarat – and some parts of Nepal. Awadh Baniyan, also known as Kaushal, is a sub-cast of Vaisya. The origin of this caste is from Awadh, now known as Ayodhya. Kaushal and Gupta are common surnames in this community. The main profession of this community includes agriculture and business.

Khatri Kaushal[edit]

Khatris use Kaushal as their Gotra.Dhai Ghar (meaning two and a half houses)(Kakkar)'s, Malhotra's, Kapoor's,Angra's, Kurichh's, Khanna (name) and Gulla, Chopra's, Kesar, Sareen Sehgal's, Segal's, Kundra's Trehan and Dhussa'ss, BHASIN have the gotra Kaushal.

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