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Kaveh Alamouti is an Iranian businessman who is a Senior MD at Citadel LLC, head of Global Macro and CEO of Citadel Europe.[1][unreliable source?][2][3]

According to timesonline.co.uk, in 2009 Dr Alamouti was the 388th richest man in the UK, this wealth having been gathered from hedge fund management.[4][dead link] In 1994, he was the best paid trader in the city of London.

Alamouti was educated at Imperial College London where he received a BS in Engineering and then receiving an MBA and PHD in Finance from the London Business School.[citation needed] Before joining Citadel in 2008 to found Citadel's Global Macro team, Dr Alamouti was heading the Global Macro team at Moore Capital Management in Europe. In 1999 Dr Alamouti established a company called Optimum Asset Management. Prior to that he had been the managing director of Tokai and in charge of trading. He had been working at Tokai since 1990 and dealt with foreign exchange, equity management, credit and new markets. During the days as depicted in Michael Lewis's book Liar's Poker, Alamouti was in charge of Proprietary Arbitrage trading at Solomon Brothers Int.

Dr Alamouti announced his retirement in March 2014, and his Citadel macro team, FX(an internally seeded fx fund) and rates/equity specialists, are set to depart Citadel with Alamouti.



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