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Also known as Poogy
Origin Tel Aviv, Israel
Genres Israeli rock
Years active 1973–1976, 1984, 1990, 1998, 2013
Labels Hed Arzi Music
Members Danny Sanderson, Gidi Gov, Yitzhak "Churchill" Klepter, Alon Oleartchik, Efraim Shamir, Meir "Poogy" Fenigstein, Yoni Rechter

Kaveret (Hebrew: כוורת‎, meaning "beehive"), also known as Poogy (the name chosen for their performances abroad), was an Israeli rock band in the mid-1970s that won much fame around the world for their often humorous songs and unique style of music. Their shows included many skits, among which are the Sipurey Poogy (Poogy's tales). In Israel, Kaveret is widely considered a breakthrough band in Israeli rock and pop history.

The band, several of whose members met during their service in the IDF, was formed in 1973. It broke up in 1976 by consensus of the band members. Subsequently, Kaveret veterans Gidi Gov and Danny Sanderson along with female vocalist Mazi Cohen and other musicians, formed a spinoff band named Gazoz, and later, another named Doda. As it turned out, six of the seven band members became stars in the Israeli music and entertainment scene in their own right after the band broke up. The seventh, drummer Meir Fenigstein (whose nickname "Poogy" served as inspiration for the band's name abroad and for some of its material), went on to become a film festival producer.

Many songs by Kaveret became embedded in Israeli culture and are familiar also to the new generation of Israeli youth.

In 1974, Kaveret represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song, "Natati La Khayay" ("נתתי לה חיי", "I Gave Her My Life"). It finished 7th. In the same year, Kaveret played one of the biggest concerts in Israel ever. While the population of Israel was only 3 million people, over 500,000 fans came to listen to the band perform. "The streets of Israel were empty", said band member Efraim Shamir after the event took place.

Kaveret has held reunion tours, with performances in Israel and abroad, in 1984, 1990, and 1998 (which was held in honour of Israel's 50th independence day, as well as the 25th anniversary of the band's first album). The entire ensemble performed a single show in 2000; the band did not originally intend to reunite in that year, but did so especially for raising money to fund lifesaving surgery required by band member Yitzhak Klepter.

A further series of reunion concerts was performed in August 2013, the concert on 8 August being billed as their "last ever concert" [source, Haaretz English edition, August 9, 2013]

Band members[edit]

Touring members
  • Yotam Ben Horin - acoustic guitar, backing vocals (2013)
  • Guy Mazig - acoustic guitar, backing vocals (2013)
  • Gili Shapira - acoustic guitar, backing vocals (2013)
  • Shay Wetzer - drums, percussion (2013)
  • Ido Zeleznik - keyboards (2013)
  • Tal Bergman - drums, percussion (1998)


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