Kawęczyn Heat Plant

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Kawęczyn Heat Plant
POL Warsaw EC Kawęczyn.jpg
Kawęczyn Heat Plant is located in Poland
Kawęczyn Heat Plant
Location of Kawęczyn Heat Plant
Official name Ciepłownia Kawęczyn
Country Poland
Location Warsaw
Coordinates 52°16′5″N 21°7′43″E / 52.26806°N 21.12861°E / 52.26806; 21.12861Coordinates: 52°16′5″N 21°7′43″E / 52.26806°N 21.12861°E / 52.26806; 21.12861
Status Operational
Operator(s) PGNiG
Power generation
Primary fuel coal
Thermal capacity 512 MW

The Kawęczyn Heat Plant is a coal-fired heat plant at osiedle Kawęczyn in Rembertów district of Warsaw, Poland. It was operated by Vattenfall but their Polish operations were taken over by Polish energy company PGNiG in 2012.[1]

The heat plant has an installed thermal capacity of 512 MW. It has one 300-metre (980 ft) high flue gas stack, which is one of Poland's tallest free standing structures.

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  1. ^ PGNiG Termika. "Our Plants". PGNiG Termika (in Polish). Retrieved 2014-02-18. PGNiG TERMIKA owns five plants: HP Kawęczyn, CHP Pruszków, CHP Siekierki, CHP Żerań and HP Wola. They produce approximately 401 million GJ of heat which covers 70% of the demand in Warsaw and 60% in Pruszków, Piastów and Michałowice. 

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