Kawagoe Power Station

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Kawagoe Power Station
Kawagoe Thermal power plant-01.jpg
Kawagoe Power Station, 2011
Kawagoe Power Station is located in Japan
Kawagoe Power Station
Location of Kawagoe Power Station
Country Japan
Location Kawagoe, Mie
Coordinates 35°00′25″N 136°41′20″E / 35.00694°N 136.68889°E / 35.00694; 136.68889Coordinates: 35°00′25″N 136°41′20″E / 35.00694°N 136.68889°E / 35.00694; 136.68889
Status Operational
Commission date 1997
Owner(s) CEP
Power generation
Primary fuel Natural gas
Nameplate capacity 4,802 MW
Combined cycle? Yes

Kawagoe Power Station (川越火力発電所 Kawagoe karyokuhatsudensho?) is a large gas-fired power station in Kawagoe, Mie, Japan. The facility operates at an installed capacity of 4,802 MW, making it the largest power station of its kind.[1][2][3]

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