Kawasaki Daishi

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The main hall of Kawasaki Daishi

Kawasaki Daishi (川崎大師 Kawasaki Daishi?) is the informal name of Heiken-ji (平間寺 Heiken-ji?) in Kawasaki, Japan. Founded in 1128, it is the headquarters of the Chizan sect of Shingon Buddhism. Kawasaki Daishi is a popular temple for hatsumōde (the first visit to a place of worship in the new year). In 2006, 2.72 million people engaged in hatsumōde here, the third largest figure in Japan and the largest in Kanagawa Prefecture. Keihin Electric Express Railway, the oldest railroad company in the Kantō region of Japan, commenced service in January 1899 to carry passengers to Kawasaki Daishi from Tokyo.

Coordinates: 35°32′02″N 139°43′44″E / 35.534°N 139.729°E / 35.534; 139.729