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Kaya Yanar

Kaya Yanar (born 20 May 1973 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is a German comedian[1] best known for his comedy show Was guckst du?! (Whaddaya lookin' at?!).[2]

He was born to Turkish immigrants from Antakya.[3] While at school he once told his teacher that he wanted to be a comedian, which made the teacher laugh. In an interview with German talkshow host Johannes B. Kerner Yanar described his childhood as a more liberal one and stated that despite his Turkish nationality, he doesn't have a perfect grasp of the Turkish language. After graduating from Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium (a school in Frankfurt) he studied phonetics, American studies and philosophy but left university prior to graduation.

In his one-man comedy show Was guckst du?! the distinctly mediterranean-looking Yanar toys with well-known cultural stereotypes both as host and main performer. For one of his best known sketches about an East Indian, Ranjid and his pet cow (and substitute best friend) Benita, he practiced pidgin-English for months, which he learned from some Indian friends of his from university.

Yanar's show has advanced the acceptance of multicultural humour in Germany[citation needed].

In 2006 he ended his comedy show to pursue a film project. In 2012 "Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt" was released.

Personal Life[4][edit]

Kaya is a pescetarian, he is an animal rights activist and he supports PETA. And at the moment Kaya is looking for a girlfriend.[5]

Selected filmography[edit]

  • 2004: Was guckst du?! – Season 1–4
  • 2008: Made in Germany Live
  • 2008: Dekker & Adi - Wer bremst verliert!
  • 2008: Was guckst du?! – Season 5–8
  • 2009: Live und unzensiert (Live and uncensored)
  • 2009-2011: Schillerstraße
  • since 2011: Stars bei der Arbeit (with Paul Panzer
  • 2012: Die Kaya Show (Actor and Host)
  • 2013: Typisch Deutsch
  • 2014: Geht's noch?! Kayas Woche



  • 2001: Suchst du
  • 2003: Welttournee durch Deutschland
  • 2008: Made in Germany Live (DE #32)


  • 2004: Was guckst du?! – Best of Staffel 1–4
  • 2008: Made in Germany Live
  • 2008: Was guckst du?! – Best of Staffel 5–8
  • 2009: Live und unzensiert
  • 2011: Kaya Yanar & Paul Panzer Stars bei der Arbeit




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2010: Radio Regnbogen Award


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