Kayaking in India

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Kayaking in India
Country India
National team India

Kayaking in India has become a popular sport.

Flat water and sea kayaking[edit]

Flat-water kayaking takes place in rivers, lakes and the ocean. Aside from professional flat water kayaking, there is very limited recreational kayaking. Historically, Indian tourists considered kayaking a one-time activity and not a competitive sport.

Whitewater kayaking[edit]

Whitewater kayaking is a niche sport with some hardcore following. While the Himalayan rivers are teeming with largely commercial kayakers and some weekend adventurers, in south it is largely the weekend kayakers who have been driving the sport. Bangalore, Karnataka has seen the largest spike in weekend paddlers. However, paddling in India, in general is plagued by limited availability of gear locally, police and bureaucratic interference (who view kayakers with suspicion, since it is an alien activity), and commercial rafters who feel threatened by the presence of the kayakers on the rivers where they have permits to commercially raft.

'Southern River Runners' is India's first amateur group of white water kayakers. Based out of Bangalore and Chennai, they explore rivers around Western Ghats.

'Expeditions India' specializes in whitewater kayaking sessions for beginners, as well as multi-day kayaking trips for intermediate and advanced kayakers. They are based on the Ganga River in Rishikesh, and have been in operation since 2008.

'TEAM 4 ADVENTURE ' is possibly one of the first formal kayak schools from India. They are based on Ganga near Rishikesh, and have been conducting kayak lessons and workshops since 2003.

'Goodwave Adventures' is south India's first white-water adventure company dedicated to white-water kayak training. Run by 'ACA' certified instructors, Goodwave Adventures operates mainly out of Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala.

'Madras Fun Tools' is India's first online shop that stocks White Water kayaks and related equipment. They currently the distributors for Dagger & Wave Sport Kayaks, Shred Ready helmets, AT Paddles, Bomber Gear apparels and spray decks and Harmony Gear.[1]


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