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The Kayani (Persian: کیانی ‎) (and numerous variants, to include 'Kiani', 'Keyani', 'Kaianee', 'Kayani') .

Their oral tradition considers them to be of Iranian origin and descendants of the mythological Kayanian dynasty. Consequently, members of the group often carry 'Kayani' or one of its numerous variants as a surname, or may even consider themselves to have aristocratic lineage.

Kayanis are found predominantly in the Potohar region of Pakistan's Punjab region, Azad Kashmir, in the Hazara region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and in some parts of Balochistan.

Various subgroups that identify themselves as Kayanis include the Yamini tribe, the Tarkhani and Shahrais clans of Gilgit, and the Kayani Mughals of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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