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Practitioner practicing Kayotsarg in Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun
Bahubali practicing meditation in standing Kayotsarga posture. Statue is carved from a single stone fifty-seven feet high in 981 A.D., is located in Karnataka, India

Kayotsarga (Sanskrit: कायोत्सर्ग Kāyōtsarga, Jain Prakrit: काउस्सग्ग Kāussagga "relinquishing any bodily activity") is a yogic meditative posture that is also part of the Preksha meditation. Most of the tirthankaras of Jainism are depicted in Kayotsarga posture. Kayotsarga means to give up one's physical comfort and body movements, thus staying steady, either in a standing or other posture, and concentrating upon the true nature of the soul. It is one of the six essentials—avasyaka—in Jain practices.

Twenty-one of the tīrthankaras are said to have attained moksha in the kayotsarga “standing meditation” posture.