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Kazik Na Żywo
KNŻ-podpisywanie płyty7.jpg
Kazik Na Żywo signing autographs, 5 December 2011 in Warszawa
Background information
Also known as Kaenżet
Origin Warsaw, Poland
Genres Alternative metal
Years active 1991–2004,
Labels S.P. Records
Associated acts Kult, Acid Drinkers, Flapjack, Kr'shna Brothers
Website www.knz.art.pl (in Polish)
Members Adam "Burza" Burzyński
Tomasz Goehs
Robert "Litza" Friedrich
Kazik Staszewski
Michał "Kwiatek" Kwiatkowski
Tomasz Goehs
Past members Olaf Deriglasoff, Kuba Jabłoński

Kazik Na Żywo ("Kazik Live", also known as KNŻ and Kaenżet) is a Polish rapcore band formed in 1991,[1] in Warsaw.


Their first performance was during the music festival in Sopot, Poland, in 1992. Staszewski then shocked the audience, singing the song 100 000 000, which was based on Lech Wałęsa's presidential campaign unfulfilled promise that all Poles would be given 100 million złotys. In chorus, Staszewski repeats: Wałęsa, give me my 100 million, Wałęsa, give us our 100 million.

After the recording of Na żywo, ale w studio in 1994, Jabłoński was replaced by Tomasz Goehs. A few months later the guitarist Robert "Litza" Friedrich was added. After quiting the band, Robert Friedrich was replaced by Olaf Deriglasoff.

The band gave the last concert on 25 January 2004 in Gdańsk. Following a long break, the band announced its return. First concerts are scheduled for mid and late February 2009 in Toruń and Wrocław, with the lineup Staszewski (voc), Burzyński (g), Kwiatkowski (bg), Friedrich (g) and Goehs (dr).

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]


Studio albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]


  • "Andrzej Gołota" (1997)
  • "Las Maquinas de la Muerte" (1999)
  • "W południe" (1999)


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