Kazimar Big Mosque

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Kazimar Big Mosque, Madurai
Madurai Hazrat's Maqbara located within the Big Mosque

Kazimar Periya Pallivasal or Kazimar Big Mosque is a famous mosque (masjid) located at the heart of Madurai city, within 500 metres of the Periyar (Central) bus stand and within 1 kilometre South East of the Madurai Junction [1] and 800 meters south west of the Meenakshi Temple. Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin a descendant of Islamic prophet Muhammad who came from Oman during 13th century, received this land from the then Pandiya king, Kulasekara Ku(n) Pandiyan,[2] and constructed the mosque which is the first Muslims' place of worship in Madurai.[3][4] The mosque can accommodate around 2500 people.


Madurai Maqbara, the dargah of Madurai Hazrats (Hazrat Meer Ahamad Ibrahim, Hazrat Meer Amjad Ibrahim and Hazrat Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim Rahmatullahi Alaihim - Descendants of Muhammad) is also located inside the mosque premises.[5] Almost all of Kazi Syed Thajuddheen's descendants (Huqdars of this mosque called as Syeds) have lived in the same locality (Kazimar street) for more than 700 years, and have managed the mosque since then. Syed Tajuddin was appointed as Kazi of the sultans, and still his descendants who live at Kazimar street, Madurai, are appointed as Kazis to the Government of Tamil Nadu. All Syeds belong to the Sunni sect of Islam, its Hanafi school and most of the descendants of Kazi Syed Tajuddin are shazulis who follow the Sufi order Fassiyatush Shadhiliya.


Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin arabi Madrasah is located inside the mosque campus in which around 120 students learn basic Arabic. Moulavi Hafil Syed Alimullah baqavi runs this Madrasah.

Kazi & Imams[edit]

The huqdars of this mosque are being appointed as Kazis of Madurai to the government at every age since 13th century right from the period of Hazrat Qazi Syed Tajuddin. The present Government Qazi of madurai Moulana A.Syed Khaja Mueenuddeen B.A., is also a huqdar of this mosque and a descendant of Qazi Syed Tajuddin.[6] The service of presiding the daily prayers and Friday sermons (Imamat & Qitabat) too are done by the descendants of the founder Hazrat Qazi Syed Tajuddin right from His period till today. At present the Imams Moulavi. Al-Hafil A.Syed Muhammad Mueenuddeen Ibrahim and Moulavi Al-Hafil J. Syed Alimullah Baqavi are doing this service for more than 18 years.


Kazimar Big mosque has been managed by the descendants of Kazi Syed Tajudding from the day of the inception of the mosque till today. There are around 450 Huqdars of this mosque among whom the management committee is selected. Presently, The mosque is being managed by a board of four trustees selected from, among and by the Huqdars of this mosque who are the descendants of the founder of this mosque Hazrat Qazi Syed Tajuddin.Their tenure is for three years.

360 degree view[edit]

Being the oldest and important mosque in Tamil Nadu, Kazimar Big Mosque is listed in the 360 degree view list of Tamil daily Dinamalar's web site. 360 degree view of Kazimar big mosque and Madurai Maqbara.