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Old Engine
A view of the main entrance of Kazipet Railway Station
Kazipet is located in Telangana
Location in Telangana, India
Coordinates: 17°58′00″N 79°30′00″E / 17.96667°N 79.50000°E / 17.96667; 79.50000Coordinates: 17°58′00″N 79°30′00″E / 17.96667°N 79.50000°E / 17.96667; 79.50000
Country  India
State Telangana
District Warangal
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 506001
Telephone code 91870
Vehicle registration TS 03

Kazipet is a town in Warangal district, Telangana, India, one of the tri-cities of Warangal-Hanamakonda-Kazipet. It is known for its religious diversity, with a population composed of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. Recently, Kazipet underwent a road widening program to accommodate for its huge resident population.


Kazipet is well known for its professional & convent educational institutions, with one college LIPS - Landmark Institute of Professional Studies and four major convent schools - St. Gabriel's High School, Bishop Beretta High School , Fatima Girls High School, St. Ann's High School, St. Johns high school. These schools are well recognized throughout the state. Kazipet also have schools run by South Central Railway. These are South Central Railway Mixed High School (English Medium), South Central Railway Boys High School (Telugu Medium), and South Central Railway Girls High School (Telugu Medium).

Kazipet has two government-run schools. The Government Boys School popularly known as Pedda badi is one of the oldest schools in Kazipet, and the Government Girls School is located near the highway to Hyderabad, just few hundred meters from the Kazipet Junction.

One of India's premier engineering institutes, the National Institute of Technology, Warangal (previously called REC (Regional Engineering College)), is located in Kazipet. The Kakatiya University [1] is located 9 kilometers from Kazipet railway station. The Kakatiya Medical College is attached to the MGM Government Hospital. It is the Second largest medical college in the state Telangana.St.Ann's hospital have started on 1954 for good medical services and cancer treatment also.

Kazipet got its name from a Sufi saint of great eminence by name Syed Shah Afzal Biabani who was a Kazi during the British regime. His shrine at Kazipet is visited by thousands of people of all faiths round through the year. He was a direct descendant of Ali.

Railway Junction[edit]

Platforms 1 and 2 at Kazipet Junction Railway Station

Kazipet railway station is one of the important railway stations of Indian Railways that connects North and South India,[1] and locomotive (largely diesel) maintenance division in Andhra Pradesh.


Some of the streets in the town are Jublee Market,vidhyanagar,Vishunupuri, Diesel Colony, Rehmatnagar, Prasanth Nagar, Siddartha Nagar, Bapuji Nagar,Balaji Nagar,Bhavani Nagar,Venkatadri Nagar and Somidi. All are well established and good facility availed locations in the town.

Hindu places of religious worship[edit]

Goddess Mahankali Temple is located in Vishnupuri and is famous for Mahankalli Jatara once in a year in Vishnupuri 1 km from railway station. here in Jatara(carnival) people will dress up in different costumes called as Pothuraju(Guardian of villages).

Sri Someswara Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple,Palakurthi: It is 50 km from Warangal on a hillock in the outskirts of Palakurthy Mandal headquarters. It is also the birthplace of famous poet Palakurthy Somanadha Kavi of 12th century. His Samadhi(holy grave) can be seen here. This historic temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu who incarnated in two adjacent caves at a height of 120 meters on the hillock. The 'Pradakshina Path' encircling the two caves is natural. There is a dilapidated 'Surya' Temple and Koneru(Holy pond) can also be witnessed at this place. This place once flourished which the adherents of Veera Saiva sect of Hinduism has lost prominence in course of time presently it is a famous pilgrimage center in Warangal district. Mainly the Veera Saivas will certainly make a visit once in year to have the blessings of presiding deities and Somanadhakan.

Sri Ramachandra Swamy temple,Jeedikalu: It is located at distance of 10 km from Jangoan. The temple is an ancient one and believed that, Lord Sri Rama visited this temple on his way to 'Lanka' (Sri Lanka) after separation from Sita Devi. People also believe that, Rama has killed the 'Maricha' who was in the guise of 'Maya Ledi' or the Magis deer. A boulder namely 'Ledi Banda' can be seen here. "Jeedigundam" and "Palagundam" are the two Pushkarinis for the holy dip of the pilgrims.

Sri Mettu Ramalingesvara Swamy temple, Kazipet: It is located at distance of 5 km from Kazipet railway station. The temple is 100 years old situated on top of hill called Mettugutta. This historic temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Islamic places of religious worship[edit]

Syed Shah Afzal Biabani (1795 – 1856 A.D / 1210 – 26 Safar, 1272 AH) was a Sufi from Warangal, Hyderabad State (now Kazipet 132 km from Hyderabad, India). He was appointed as Kazi of Warangal during the reign of Nizam Ali Khan (Asaf Jah II). His dargah is among the pilgrimage centers of Warangal, Telangana.[2]

The word "Biabani" indicates a type of rural area in Persian and Urdu. He received this nickname because he spent 12 years in Tasawwuf (a form of Sufi meditation) in the caves located in the forest of Battupalli near Kazipet.[3]

Religious Sites[edit]

| St. Joseph's Church, Kazipet | Swetharka mula Ganapathi Temple, Vishnupuri | Mettu Ramalingeshwara swamy Temple, Mettugutta | Fathima Cathedral Church, Fathima Nagar


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