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Industry Post
Founded 1883
Headquarters Almaty, Kazakhstan
Key people Arken Arystanov (Board Chairman)
Products Postal service, Office supplies, Greeting cards
Website www.kazpost.kz

Kazpost (Sometimes stylized as KazPost) is the national postal service of Kazakhstan.


Kazakh SSR[edit]

In the early 1920s existed in Orenburg in Kirvoenkomate postal telegraph department was transformed into Kyrgyz postal and telegraph district, and by the end of 1925 it was renamed the Kazakh Regional Communications People's Commissariat of Posts and Telegraphs USSR. In the same year, the first time in the history of mail was established rural letter- post, put a ring horse -mail service for remote villages . In cities horse carriage of mail replaced the automotive, steel departmental used boats, railway transport. In 1929, the first postage cost airline in the country linked to Alma-Ata and Tashkent . By the beginning of 1930 in the Kazakh SSR numbered 1250 postal and telegraph companies, the length of postal roads reached 42 thousand kilometers.[1]

In 1932 the People's Commissariat of Posts and Telegraphs, was renamed the People's Commissariat of Communications under the Sovnarkom of the Kazakh SSR. In 1940 the number of enterprises in Kazakhstan increased due until 1987, was mechanized more than 20 thousand kilometers of postal roads. During the Great Patriotic War, the post was given a difficult and important task in all conditions to ensure reliable communication in a regular army in the rear, between the front and rear. Particular difficulties arise in the beginning of the war and because a large number of qualified signalers was drafted into the army.[1]

In March 1946, the Commissioner of the USSR People's Commissariat of Communications at SNK Kazakh SSR was renamed the Commissioner of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR. In 1950, there were already in the country 2438 branches (of which 2083 - in rural areas).

December 25, 1954 Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR was transformed into the Ministry of Communications of the Kazakh SSR, Postal and Telecommunications formed a single branch "Communication" as part of this ministry. Since the mid- 1960s, operating in Kazakhstan more than 4,000 post offices with a full range of postal services. During this period, the postal service of the republic to operate profitably, but industry profits mainly directed at the development of telecommunications. Most of the money was provided by the delivery of pensions and providing telegraph and telephone services.[1]

Independent Kazakhstan[edit]

50-kopeck stamp of 1992, Kazakhstan's first stamp after independence

Since 1992, Kazakhstan is a member of the Universal Postal Union. April 5, 1993 according to the Cabinet of Kazakhstan "On improving the management structure the communications industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan" were divided mail and telecommunications. In November 1995 the State -mail has become an independent economic entity, transforming itself into a Republican state enterprise Post services.

In the summer of 1999 was a radical reform of mail began after the decision of the Government of Kazakhstan on May 27, 1999 "On measures to stabilize and financial health of the postal industry": On December 20, 1999 RGPPS was transformed into a Joint Stock Company Kazpost Wholly owned by the state, it was registered with a total capital of 903.66 million tenge initial registered capital of the company was formed only in the form of buildings and equipment . The situation was aggravated by a severe financial condition of the postal industry - RGPPS payable for the period from 1993 to 2000, before the pension funds, wages and taxes was 140 million tenge, the amount of accumulated losses from previous years over the years amounted to more than 250.6 million tenge.[1]

Development Programme of the postal industry and the formation of the postal savings system of 2000-2003, laid the foundation in Kazakhstan postal savings system based on the retail network of post offices. As a source of funding for its implementation has served the Islamic Development Bank loan in the amount of U.S. $9 million under the state guarantees, domestic bond issue in the amount of 1.4 billion tenge, as well as a steady increase in the government of the authorized capital of the company. Kazakhstan was the first country in the CIS developed postal savings system . Results of Operations KazPost to create a full postal savings system were found to be successful Regional Commonwealth of Communications.[1]

In October 2006, in Alma-Ata was established enterprise Elektronpost.kz for providing logistics information, including printing and mailing konvertovaniya



Kazpost provides wide range of the following postal services including:

• Transmission and delivery of letters, wrappers and parcels • Transmission and delivery of large-sized and heavy cargoes • Courier services EMS-Kazpost • Collection of subscription for periodicals, dispatch, transmission, delivery and retail services • Special communication services • Philately • Hybrid e-mail (postal telegram)


• Acceptance of deposits, opening and conducting of banking accounts of legal entities • Acceptance of deposits, opening and conducting of banking accounts of individuals • Cash transactions: acceptance, payment, re-counting, change, exchange, sorting, packing and keeping of banknotes and coins • Transfer transactions • Collection and transfer of banknotes, coins and values • Carrying out exchange transactions with foreign currency. • Broker and dealer activity • Factoring transactions: acquisition of rights for payment demand from purchaser of goods (works, services) with taking risk of non-payment • Forfeiting transactions (forfeiting): payment of liabilities of purchaser of goods (works, services) by purchase of promissory note without return to seller • Transfer-agent transactions.

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