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Logo of Kcell

Kcell is one of the three licensed GSM mobile network operators in Kazakhstan. Beeline and Tele2 are the other license holders. It is operated by GSM Kazakhstan Ltd. under Kcell, Activ and Vegaline tradmarks.


  • MCC MNC: 401 02
  • Network Name: Kcell, Activ, Vegaline
  • Technology: GSM 900, UMTS, HSPA+
  • Network Status:Live February 1999
  • "GSM Kazakhstan" Company was established in 1998. The network starts on February 1999.
  • K-Cell has over 10 million subscribers (as of Q3 2011).[1]

Corporate Structure[edit]

GSM Kazakhstan is owned by:

In December 2012, Kcell announced an initial public offering (IPO) which consists of a sale by Sonera Holding B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of TeliaSonera, of 50 million of the Company’s common shares, including common shares represented by the global depositary receipts, representing 25% of the Company’s share capital. The current outstanding share capital of the Company consists of 200 million common shares.[2]


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  • [1] Official web site]