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Ke Kalahea is the student newspaper of the University of Hawaii at Hilo and Hawaii Community College. The newspaper is printed biweekly during the academic year, and is about 8 to 16 pages long.

According to Ke Kalahea's Mission Statement:

Ke Kalahea is the student newspaper for the University of Hawaii at Hilo and Hawaii Community College. We are a free rights to press and speech publication, which express the voice of the student body using our rights to the freedom of speech and press.

The Mission of Ke Kalahea is to provide coverage of news and events affecting the university and our community. We offer a forum for the communication and exchange of ideas and provide educational training and experience to students in all areas of newspaper operation. Ke Kalahea operates a fiscally responsible organization, which ensures our ability to continue to serve the university well.

Through Ke Kalahea’s publication, we encourage students to take advantage of academic and personal opportunities, ones that will deepen their knowledge, enhance their experience, and broaden their perspectives.[1]

The name translates roughly as "The Herald" from the Hawaiian language[2] and was coined around 1991 by a contributing columnist, Dan Vaughn (author of 100% Natural, a weekly environmental editorial column from 1991-1992) in an impromptu meeting with the staff and then editor-in-chief, Ken Brown.


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