Kealing Middle School

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Kealing Middle School
1607 Pennsylvania Avenue
Austin, Texas
School type Public Academy and Magnet Middle School
School district Austin Independent School District
Principal Robin Lowe
Grades 6–8
Number of students ~1,196[1]
Area Austin, Texas
Color(s)           Crimson and Cream
Mascot Hornet

Kealing Middle School is a public middle school in Austin, Texas, in the Austin Independent School District. The school contains one of the four magnet programs in Austin and specializes in all subjects, although the program is normally referred to as specializing in math and science. Kealing also contains a program known as "Academy," formerly known as the Success Through Academics and Responsibility (STAR), and the Comprehensive Academic Program (CAP).


Kealing Middle School was first opened in 1930 as the first African American high school in Austin (originally known as Anderson High School).[2] By order of a federal court, the school was closed in 1971 as a part of desegregation efforts.[3] The Anderson campus was burnt down by a fire, but the school reopened 1986 under the name Kealing Junior High School. In 2004, Kealing expanded to include sixth grade students and was rebranded as a middle school.[2]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Kealing Middle school has a variety of academic competition teams, including Quiz Bowl, Knowledge Masters Open, Mathcounts, and Science Olympiad.[citation needed] In 1992, Kealing was one of ten schools out of a pool of over 1,500 to be awarded the grand prize in the Young Astronaut Council's Space Bill of Rights competition.[4] The Quiz Bowl A-, B-, and C-Teams swept Middle School Nationals in May 2011, winning 1st, 4th, and 5th place and in April 2012 won 1st, 5th, and 7th. The quiz bowl team won 2nd at the 2013 MSNCT run by NAQT.Three teams are also qualified for the upcoming MSNCT and one for High School nationals. Quiz Bowl at Kealing is a hard course but worth it. On December 8, 2011, it was announced that the Knowledge Masters Open team had finally won first in the United States after many tries over the course of many years to unseat Longfellow Middle School.[citation needed]

Magnet Program[edit]

The magnet program is a program of the school that helps children in an advanced academic learning environment. Kealing provides a rigorous learning opportunity.

Core academics[edit]

"Core" classes are classes that are required by Texas state law. These include Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies / History.

Sixth grade[edit]

  • Math
    • Magnet Math Six in some cases Algebra 1
  • English
    • Sixth Grade Magnet English
  • Social Studies
    • Sixth Grade Magnet World Cultures
  • Science
    • Physics

Seventh grade[edit]

  • Math
    • Algebra 1 or Magnet Math 7
    • In some cases Geometry
  • English
    • Seventh Grade Magnet English
  • Social Studies
    • Seventh Grade Magnet Texas History
  • Science
    • Biology

Eighth grade[edit]

  • Math
    • Geometry or Algebra 1
    • In some cases, Magnet Math Eight,Algebra 2,Topics Algebra, or Everyday Algebra
  • English
    • Eighth Grade Magnet English
  • Social Studies
    • Eighth Grade Magnet United States History
  • Science
    • Geoscience ( Earth Science )

Fine arts[edit]

Enrollment in the fine arts listed below depend on skill levels, not grade levels. There are also many electives including Quiz Bowl, Debate 101 and Parks and Recreation. All fine arts are year long.

  • Orchestra
    • Hornet
    • Concert
    • Philharmonic
    • Symphony
  • Band
    • Beginning: learn any instrument
    • Concert: smallest band, mostly new students that have already taken beginning.
    • Symphonic: mostly seventh graders. Middle band.
    • Wind Ensemble: Mostly eighth graders. Hardest to get into. Winner of the Suddler Cup.
  • Choir
    • Beginning
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    • Boys: Bass and Tenor
  • Guitar
    • Beginning
    • Advanced
  • Art
    • Beginning Art
    • Intermediate Art
    • Advanced Art


Foreign Languages are available at the 6th grade level, but are required in 7th and 8th grade. Kealing's curriculum includes Spanish, German, French, Latin, and Japanese and starting in the 2014-2015 school year: Chinese. The skill level and lesson plan of each language is determined by what classes are available by grade.

Sixth grade[edit]

  • 1A Spanish, French, or Latin
    • (1A and 1B divide the Level 1 TEKS into separate classes)
    • (Teacher Approval is required)

Seventh grade[edit]

  • 1A Spanish, French, Latin, German, or Japanese, Chinese(starting 2014-2015): Counts for a high school credit
  • 1B Spanish,French or Latin (only if the student has taken 1A in 6th Grade
  • Spanish I: Counts for a high school credit
  • Spanish II, French II, or Latin II: Counts for a high school credit


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