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Kearny Arlington was a U.S. soccer team based out of Kearny, New Jersey which played in the first National Association Football League. The team at time was referred to incorrectly as Newark Arlington due to confusion between the two cities.


In 1897, they entered the professional National Association Football League, finishing third in the standings. The next season, they finished second. In 1901, Kearny Arlington won a competition called the American Cup; however, this was not the American Cup which was suspended from 1899 to 1905.[1] In May 1899, Arlington played Bayonne Centreville in a Memorial Day “carnival of sports”.[2]


Year League Standing American Cup
1897/98 NAFBL 3rd  ?
1898/99 NAFBL 2nd  ?


American Cup

  • Winner (1): 1901

League Championship

  • Runner Up (1): 1899

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