Kearny Celtic

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Full name Kearny Irish American Football Club
Nickname(s) The Bhoys, The Hoops
Founded 1933
Ground Harvey Field
Kearny, NJ
Manager Anthony Portelli
Coach Santiago Formoso
League North Jersey Soccer League
Current season

The Kearny Irish is an American soccer club based in Kearny, New Jersey that was an inaugural member of the reformed American Soccer League. The club was named the Kearny Celtic beginning with the 1942/43 season.

In 1944 the club won the Lewis Cup.

After a more than 35-year hiatus the Kearny Irish American Football Club is back. Despite being dormant since the mid-1970s the team has reawakened as a highly competitive team in New Jersey, playing in the North Jersey Soccer League.

Many of the club’s current players grew up playing for Thistle FC, Kearny High School, and of course, the playgrounds and schoolyards around Kearny. Wearing the hoops and playing for the Irish, the team is looking to restore the former glory that the club once enjoyed.


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs U.S. Open Cup
1933/34 N/A ASL 1st Champion (no playoff) ?
1934/35 N/A ASL 9th No playoff ?
1935/36 N/A ASL 8th No playoff ?
1936/37 N/A ASL 4th, American Did not qualify ?
1937/38 N/A ASL 3rd, American Semifinals ?
1938/39 N/A ASL 3rd, American 1st Round ?
1939/40 N/A ASL 5th No playoff ?
1940/41 N/A ASL 10th No playoff ?
1941/42 N/A ASL 8th No playoff ?
1942/43 N/A ASL 7th No playoff ?
1943/44 N/A ASL 6th No playoff ?
1944/45 N/A ASL 7th No playoff ?
1945/46 N/A ASL 3rd No playoff ?
1946/47 N/A ASL 7th No playoff ?
1947/48 N/A ASL 9th No playoff ?
1948/49 N/A ASL 7th Did not qualify ?
1949/50 N/A ASL 2nd No playoff ?
1950/51 N/A ASL 3rd? No playoff ?