Kebithigollewa massacre

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The Kebithigollewa massacre occurred on 15 June 2006 when 60 civilians were killed by a Tamil Terrorist claymore attack on a bus. The U.S and the SLMM claimed that LTTE was the perpetrator. However, the LTTE claimed that they did not perpetrate this attack, in the same fashion they have never claimed responsibility for any of their previous civilian attacks.


The Kebithigollewa massacre happened when a state owned bus was struck by two Claymore directional mines. 68 Sinhalese men, women and infants were killed as a result of this attack. The United States condemned the attack, noting: “This vicious attack bears all the hallmarks of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. It is a clear violation of the Ceasefire Agreement that the Tamil Tigers claim to uphold.”.[1]

The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission claimed that it was highly probable that LTTE or supporters carried out the Kebithigollewa attack.[2][3]

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