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Keel may be:

  • Keel, the central beam of the hull of a boat

This meaning has given rise to many other related uses of the word in biology and natural history, including:

  • Keel (bird), a perpendicular extension of a bird's breastbone, to which wing muscles anchor
  • Keel (slug) is a morphological feature on the back of some land slugs which resembles the keel of an upturned boat
  • Keel in a (gastropod shell) is a sharp ridge or edge at the shoulder or the center of periphery of the whorls of a snail shell
  • Keel (petal), the two bottom petals, below the wings, in flowers of the subfamily Faboideae of the flowering plant family Fabaceae; sometimes joined to form a structure whose shape resembles the keel of a boat
  • Sagittal Keel, a feature of the skull
  • The caudal keel in fish anatomy is a strengthening ridge at the base of the tail

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