Keelung City Government

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Keelung City Government
Keelung City Hall.JPG
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Keelung City
Headquarters Zhongzheng District
Agency executives Chang Tong-rong, Mayor
Ke Shuei-yuan, Deputy Mayor

The Keelung City Government (KLCG; Chinese: 基隆市政府; pinyin: Jīlóng Shì Zhèngfǔ) is the local government of the Republic of China that governs Keelung City.


Department of Economic Affairs and Department of Transportation and Tourism
Police Bureau
Public Health Bureau
  • Chief Secretary
  • Department of Civil Affairs
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Economic Affairs
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Transportation and Tourism
  • Department of Urban Development
  • Department of Social Affairs
  • Department of Land Administration
  • Department of General Affairs
  • Department of Research and Evaluation
  • Department of Personnel
  • Department of Civil Service Ethics
  • Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
  • Senior Consumer Ombudsman Officer
  • Police Bureau
  • Keelung City Fire Department
  • Public Health Bureau
    • Municipal Hospital
    • Public District Health Center
    • Chronic Disease Bureau
  • Cultural Affairs Bureau
  • Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Revenue Service Bureau
  • City Bus Operation Office
  • District Office
  • Household Registration Office
  • Land Office
    • Anle Land Office
    • Xinyi Land Office
  • Ren'ai Senior Citizen's Home
  • Municipal Stadium
  • Mortuary Services Office
  • Public Market
  • Municipal Nursery
  • Junior High School
  • Elementary School
  • Municipal Kindergarten


The government building is accessible within walking distance east from Keelung Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.

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