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Keep Adding is an artist group formed in the year 2001.

Keep Adding creates environments that address space, context, and site. These spaces are not simply the cube of a gallery or an abandoned house – they are the sites of complete sensory experiences. Keep Adding's pluralistic practice spans a broad range of media including sculpture, photography, video, drawing, digital media, painting and site-specific installation. They often incorporate themes of surgery, architecture, graffiti and organic mass into their abstract works.

Works from Keep Adding have screened internationally at venues such as the Cannes Film Festival / International Critic’s Week, the Austin Museum of Digital Art, the Santa Fe Art Institute, and the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe. Keep Adding works are included in private collections in the United States and Europe.

Keep Adding were introduced to a larger audience by their album artwork for acclaimed German music producers Funkstörung, Atlanta-based Richard Devine and Miami-based Schematic Records. They have also worked with Sublight Records and Hymen Records.

Participate in Evolution, 21" LCD, 2004


  • wrekage (2001-present)
wrekage [installation view], Old Mesilla, New Mexico, USA, 2001

Keep Adding’s wrekage project merges graffiti style abstract painting, architecture and Liquid Crystal Display digital art into one space.

These wrekage installations function as a large-scale abstract painting that viewers can walk into and experience from various vantage points, exploring concepts of two- and three dimensionality, interior and exterior. Inherent to this work is its dependence upon its audience to transform the art into a living, changing entity. Keep Adding invites the viewer to explore, consider, and assess individual experience within a work of art.


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