Keep Music Miserable

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Keep Music Miserable
Studio album by Lowgold
Released 10 October 2005
Recorded Jacobs Studios, Surrey, England
Gravity Shack, London, England
Mandible Studio, Portland, Oregon, USA
Genre Rock
Label Dedted Records
Producer Tony Lash, Lowgold, Pat Collier
Lowgold chronology
Welcome To Winners
Keep Music Miserable
Promise Lands

Keep Music Miserable is a double album by the English band Lowgold of B-sides, live and unreleased tracks, released in 2005[1][2][3] on the band's own record label Dedted Records. No singles were taken from the album.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Darren Lee Ford.


  1. "Every Train"
  2. "Please Be Good To Me"
  3. "Make Over, Make Up"
  4. "End Of The Hammer"
  5. "Time Reclaims All Frontiers"
  6. "Flavour"
  7. "Burn A Hole"
  8. "The Feelings (Extended Studio Mix)"
  9. "Eddie Lejeune"
  10. "If People Were Vinyl (Feat. Tux)"
  11. "Beauty Dies Young (Graham Coxon Mix)"
  12. "See How The World’s Moved On"
  13. "Miles Is My Favourite"


  1. "I’d Rather Fuck Up Than Miss Out"
  2. "Remission Time"
  3. "Can’t Say No"
  4. "Whatever You Think You’re Wrong"
  5. "The Third One"
  6. "Coming On Strong"
  7. "Silver Ocean"
  8. "B Land"
  9. "Atlantic Pacific"
  10. "God Willing"
  11. "Do Not Deny Your Own Happiness"
  12. "Beauty Dies Young (Live)"
  13. "Never Alone (Live)"
  14. "Absolute Exocet"
  15. "Hip Hop Cooperative"
  16. "Jacob’s Ping Pong"


  • Tony Lash – producer, drums
  • Darren Ford – guitar, vocals, drums
  • Dan Symons – guitar
  • Miles Willey – bass guitar
  • Simon Scott – drums, backing vocals


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