Keepsake (band)

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Origin Coral Springs, Florida, U.S.
Genres Emo, screamo
Years active 1997 – 2003
Labels Eulogy Recordings
Fearless Records
Associated acts Pauly Jett
Until the End
Past members Paul Geller
Mark Silva
Duane Hosein
Shane Halpern
Colby Hooper
Jesse Kriz
Dan Mazin
Trevor Short
Rob Yapkowitz
Derek Carty
Mykee Shaffer

Keepsake was an American emo/screamo band formed in 1997 by Paul Geller and Mark Silva in Coral Springs, Florida. After releasing three records on the independent label, Eulogy Recordings, Geller left the band for personal reasons; returning to music years later as a solo act, "Pauly Jett". He also produced three records for Sony Red distributed Undecided Records' artists Shindig, Hearts Over Rome, and Cru Jones. Paul now applies his knowledge of the music industry towards his work as EVP of Information Products at Grooveshark, and performs as a nationally recognized DJ Pauly Crush.

Jesse Kriz was later a part of Actions Speak Louder and Until the End. The other band members have gone on to play in various emo and indie bands.


  • Duane Hosein - Vocals
  • Shane Halpern - Vocals
  • Paul Geller - Guitars
  • Mark Silva - Guitar
  • Mykee Shaffer - Guitar
  • Paul Pincus - Guitar
  • Rob Yapkowitz - Guitar
  • Brett Mullineaux - Guitar
  • Justin Manlove - Bass
  • Derek Carty - Bass
  • Dan Mazin - Bass
  • Tommy Lobes - Guitar
  • Trevor Short - Bass
  • Chris Hornbrook - Drums
  • Colby Hooper - Drums
  • Jesse Kriz - Drums


  • The Things I Would Say (1998, Eulogy Recordings)
  • She Hums Like a Radio (2000, Eulogy Recordings)
  • The End of Sound (2001, Eulogy Recordings)
  • Black Dress in a B Movie (2003, Fearless Records)
  • appeared on Punk Goes Pop with the song The Way You Love Me

Related bands[edit]

  • Pauly Jett - Paul Geller
  • Pauly Crush - Paul Geller
  • Until the End - Dan Mazin, Jesse Kriz
  • The Cartoon Life - Shane Halpern, Derek Carty
  • Harbour Lights - Shane Halpern, Derek Carty
  • A Jealousy Issue -Duane Hosein
  • Hello Nurse - Mykee Shaffer
  • Poison The Well - Duane Hosein, Chris Hornbrook, Shane Halpern
  • Feed Your Ego - Justin Manlove


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