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Keeran is male given name. It is of Celtic-Irish Gaelic origin[1] and also of Tamil origin.[2] see also Kiran

Pronunciation for Keeran: K as in "key (K.IY)" ; IH as in "it (IH.T)" ; R as in "read (R.IY.D)" ; AH as in "hut (HH.AH.T)" ; N as in "knee (N.IY)" and consists of 6 letters and 2 syllables.[3]

Celtic-Irish and Scottish Gaelic origin[edit]

Ciarán (Irish),[4] Ciaran in Scottish Gaelic, Keeran (Irish pronunciation: [ˈciəɾˠaːn̪ˠ] or [ciəˈɾˠaːn̪ˠ]), is a given name meaning 'Little dark one' or 'Little dark haired one'. Ciarán comes from the Irish word "Ciar" which means dark or black. Ciar can be linked back to Ciar, son of Fergus, King of Ulster. It is linked with many names, like Kerry meaning Ciar's People. The name is rendered in Latin as Queranus. It is also used in the vernacular of older rural Irish folk, such as farmers in West County Clare to refer to small, irregular lumps of Turf, i.e. Peat. It is a popular name given to boys in Britain, US, Australia and other English speaking countries. It is also a variant of Kiran, Kieran, Kyran, Keiran, Kieren, Kieron, Keiron or Kiernan.[5]

Hindi Origin[edit]

Keeran or Kiran (Hindi: किरण) is a gender neutral given name. It is of Sanskrit origin. In Sanskrit, it means "ray" and often uses to mean "ray of light" or "beam of light" (especially sunbeam or moonbeam) or the emerging sun rays early in the morning, resulting from a rising Sun(rays of the first light of dawn).

Tamil Origin[edit]

In ancient Tamil (Centamil, செந்தமிழ்), Keeran (கீரன்) means 'stands by his principles' in context of persons [6]

Prominent persons[edit]

The Tamil book Nankudi Velir Varalaru comprising 1035 poems and written by Arumuga Nayinar Pillai, which was published in 1920 throws light on the Tamil history. This book speaks about the family hierarchy of Irungovel, a branch of the Pandyan rulers for 201 generations. This book follows the Kali calendar and narrates the history from 3100 BC to 1944 Named here is the Tamil King of the Pandyan Dynasty : Keeran Sathan (78th generation) 150 BC-140 BC

Pulavar Keeran., Renowned Tamil Scholar and Poet of the 20th century.

Charles Rood Keeran (16 April 1883 - June 9, 1948) was an Illinois inventor and businessman and patent holder and pioneer of the mechanical pencil.[7]


Tamil Nadu, India: Kongu Vellalar (கொங்கு வேளாள கவுண்டர்) or Gounders (கவுண்டர்) are a Kshatriya, warrior clan of the Kongu Nadu, an ancient division of Tamilakam comprising Coimbatore, Erode, Salem and ancient Mysore region. One such clan is called Keeran (குலதெய்வம்: Sri Selvanayaki Amman, Keeranur).

Place names[edit]

  • Keeranur [Keeran-ur(meaning village)] in Dindigul district Tamil Nadu
  • Keeranur in Pudukkottai district Tamil Nadu.