Keewatin Air

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Keewatin Air
C-FSKN Kivalliq Air Beech 200.JPG
Founded 1998
Operating bases Rankin Inlet Airport[1]
Secondary hubs Churchill Airport, Iqaluit Airport, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport[1]
Fleet size 13[2]
Parent company Exchange Income Corporation
Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada[1]

Keewatin Air (IATA: FK) is an airline that operates out of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada.[1] The airline was started by Frank Robert May (formerly a pilot for Lamb Air) and his wife Judy Saxby in 1971, in the Keewatin Region, then part of the Northwest Territories.[3]

Formed as "Keewatin Air Limited" they originally provided charter services to the region, being the first airline to have a permanent base in Nunavut (then known as the Keewatin Region of the Northwest Terriroties). In 1987 they expanded to include MEDEVAC ("medical evacuation") services, to what would become the Kivalliq Region, using a fleet of aircraft that began with a Tradewind aircraft - a multi-modified Beech 18 with a turbine engine and tricycle gear. This aircraft was followed by a Westwind, another modified Beech 18 with turbine engines and eventually these were replaced by Merlin IIA aircraft that had the added benefit of being pressurized as well as turboprops. The MEDEVAC service is now known as "Nunavut Lifeline".[4] Currently[when?] three Kingair 200 aircraft are based in Rankin Inlet, one in Churchill, Manitoba. and two in Iqaluit, where they also base a Lear 35 for the long hauls to Ottawa and a Pilatus PC-12 to access the short strips. They also operate two Beech 1900C aircraft. One out of Iqaluit and one out of Winnipeg.

In 1998 the company formed Kivalliq Air to provide scheduled air service within the Kivalliq Region and to Winnipeg and Churchill.[5] That service has since been cancelled.

In 2005 the company was sold to Exchange Industrial Income Fund (now Exchange Income Corporation), owners of Perimeter Aviation, Bearskin Airlines and Calm Air. May and Saxby continued to manage the airline for a short period after the sale.[6]


Charter services are available to destinations throughout North America.[7]


As of September 2014 the following aircraft are registered with Transport Canada[2] and listed at the Keewatin Air website:[8]

Keewatin Air Fleet
Aircraft No. of Aircraft Variants Idents Notes
Beechcraft 1900 2 1900C FJXL, FJXO air charter[7]
Beechcraft Super King Air 8 King Air 200/B200 FCGT, FRMV, FSKN, FSKO, FSKX, FZPW, GYGT, GYSR MEDIVAC (air ambulance as Nunavut Lifeline),[9] air charter[7]
Bombardier Learjet 35 2 35A GDJH, GYFB MEDIVAC (air ambulance as Nunavut Lifeline)[9]
Pilatus PC-12 1 PC-12/45 GFLA MEDIVAC (air ambulance as Nunavut Lifeline)[9] air charter[7]

The Transport Canada website also shows a Beechcraft Model 18 3NM but with a cancelled certificate from 1999.[2]


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